Dayal Meshri — Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.

Миллиардер, собственник 2-го в мире по объем производства и продаж химического завода Advance research chemicals.


The most important business quality is HONESTY.

Dayal Meshri

Dayal Meshri came inside with the applause of the audience. Just a second and he made very positive impression; he laughed so loud and funny.

He started with the story when he was a student 20 years old. He was sitting in the classroom in India listening to the professor from England. He remembered it looking at us! So many young faces!

Then he asked: “Who wants to have his own business?” — “Wow! You are all future millionaires!”

Meshri talked a lot to the audience and not only answered the questions, but asked!  “Who knows Gandhi?”-was most unexpected!

Dr.Meshri was walking around and though the classroom from one student to the other, listening and answering the questions. «I need exercises!»

You will never believe he is 75!

He considers us to be lucky for real. “When I was studying we didn’t have computers. We never heard about the Internet. Now look at your phones! You have the whole world inside!”

«If I needed to find something about an unknown country I used to spend hours in libraries turning on pages of endless volumes of books, for you everything is much easier with google»

Do you want to know Dayal’s attitude to the money?!“ It’s necessary to have money to pay your bills, to buy food, to pay good salary to your people. But nothing more! When I die I will take nothing with me to the grave. I will go with free hands as I was born.”

“All money you need can be hold in your pocket. You have no idea how to bring $50 million with you. When you have money-one million, $2 million, $10 million – it’s just numbers that are written on papers”

Why Dayal won’t go to a nice island to have rest till the end of his life?! He still has money for that! — “Why will I keep myself in the prison?!”

What does Dr.Meshri think about partners? «You’d better have no business partners. I always wanted freedom. I don’t have to listen what I am to do. I am a free bird». Yes, he is!

One more quote from professor:

“Hitler was very intelligent, but so greedy! He wanted to own the whole world!

Focus on some target! We make battery for mobile phones.”


Meshri told about his principles, when hiring:

“ When you hiring you look at the person’s background. You need a person who works for 110%! Because people don’t work only for money!”

“I don’t need dictators, I need people who are involved, who are looking for improvements”


We were waiting for him and it worth it!

    So, 5  questions to our honorable guest:

1. What are you most proud of ?!

    — My family

 2. What is your dream?

    — To make new materials for battery.

       To create new drugs for hospitals.

       To see more people smiling.

 3. When did you earn your first million?

     — I was 50 years old!

4. We know you have a very special car. Why Rolls Royce ?

     — I love first class car, first class house, first class women. Rolls Royce is the only one first class car.

5. Recommendation to the students

Don’t let people hesitate you. Believe in yourself. You can do whatever you want. But you should work very hard to achieve your goal. When something goes wrong be persistent and work even more hard. Then the success comes.


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«Начать заниматься бизнесом никогда не поздно», – считает Даял Мешри, миллионер из города Талса, штат Оклахома (США). Даял Мешри является основателем и генеральным директором Advance Research Chemicals Inc. (ARC) – одной из крупнейших в мире компаний по производству химической продукции из неорганических фторидов.

Даял открыл свое дело в 50 лет. «Когда осматривали территорию для первого завода – заброшенное здание на свалке мусора – у тещи были слезы на глазах. Дети получали образование в колледже, а я бросил работу и собирался приобрести этот бардак в собственность.»
Девиз Даяла Мешри — «Много мечтай, живи просто, работай усердно. »


Что услышим на встрече:

  • Как приходит идея создания собственного бизнеса?
  • С чего необходимо начинать?
  • Как определить правильное время для создания собственного бизнеса?
  • Какие ключевые факторы успеха в бизнесе?
  • Как создать команду?
  • Лидером надо родиться либо его можно в себе воспитать?
  • Что надо знать, чтобы стать лучшим?
  • С какими сложностями и барьерами сталкивается компания, стремящаяся к успеху?
  • Как переживать психологические кризисы в бизнесе и как сохранить в веру в правильно того, что ты делаешь?
  • В чем секрет успеха великих компаний?


Рабочий язык  — английский


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